The Where and The When

Returning to the Palouse add a little lasciviousness to your October!

DATE: October 23 & 24, 2015
TIME: 9pm, and Midnight
WHERE: The Kenworthy Performing Art Center
PRICE: $12, price includes prop kit

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About & FAQ

That means you will be encouraged to yell and scream and participate. Basically, we play the actual movie on the movie screen. If you've never been to a show, you're what we call a "virgin" (sorry, that's just the way it is). No amount of describing will explain this, so you'll just have to come to a show and see what it's like.

This is not a "sit down" movie, we want to see you in the aisles doing the "Time Warp," (everyone else will be in the isles, too, so you won't be the only one), yelling A.P. (Audience Participation lines) and having a great time. A.P. lines vary from show to show so you'll really have to attend OUR show a couple times to learn the ones we yell out. For example, every time you hear "Brad Majors," you yell out "A**hole!" and "Slut!" when you hear "Janet Weiss."

Can I bring my little kids to the movie? It's all G-rated fun, right?
That depends. Some fans have kids and start dragging them to the show before they're old enough to walk. This leads to adorable photo opportunities and the possibility of large therapy bills in later life.

If you don't mind having your kid in a movie theater at midnight surrounded by half-dressed people shouting obscenities and pretending to be sex-crazed aliens, go for it! But keep in mind that while Rocky Horror might not be rated "R" if it were released today, most Rocky Horror audiences definitely would be. Susan Sarandon herself said when she went to a showing in 1998 that it was like an audience "full of [people with] Tourette's Syndrome." And who are we to disagree?

What should I take to a showing of RHPS? Yourself. Plenty of friends (optional). A couple of bucks for the Snack Bar. Your ID (just in case, though most theaters do not enforce the "R" rating. A sense of humor and an expectation to have a FUN TIME!



Props are a big part of the "participation" aspect of a show. PROP BAGS are available when you first come into the theater. Here are the props in the order they're used in.

    The props included in your PROP BAG are:
  • RICE - Rice is tossed during the wedding scene of Betty Monroe and Ralph Hapschatt. Lightly lob the rice, do not PELT the rice!
  • NEWSPAPER - put it on your head along with Janet during "There's a Light" when she's walking through the rain.
  • GLOW STICK LIGHT - A glow stick or your cellphone's light can be used during "There's a Light." Wave it around in the air, but remember to shut it off when you hear, " the darkness..." ABSOLUTLEY NO OPEN FLAMES!
  • SQUIRT GUN - Squirting a squirt gun has been traditionally used to simulate rain during Brad and Janet's song, "There's a Light." Too messy to fill and it makes people angrier than any other prop, so we don't allow them, it also makes the rice harder to pick up later.
  • PARTY HAT AND NOISEMAKER - Wear the hat and blow the noisemaker along with the Transylvanians during the lab scenes. Then use the hat later during the birthday song during dinner.
  • RUBBER GLOVE - wear and snap it several times along with Frank during the lab scene... or blow it up and make a balloon out of it.
  • TOAST - Throw during dinner scene when Frank says, "A toast...", but please don't eat it, it might be months old!
  • KEYS (not included) - Ring your keys when Frank is chasing Janet in "Planet Schmanet" and says, "...did you hear a bell ring?" (or be the cool kid and bring a bell)
  • CARDS - Thrown towards the end of the movie, during "I'm going Home," when you hear Frank sing, "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain..." (There are 3 or 4 in our prop bags)
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